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Vomiting. When to worry !!

There are many causes of vomiting. These can include pancreatitis, an intestinal obstruction from a bone or a piece of string ( especially in cats ), liver or kidney disease or disease such as diabetes.

If your pet has had a good technicolored yaws, what should you do?

Assuming your pet is bright and otherwise well after a one-off vomit, keep a close eye on them over the next 24 hours. Its best to withhold food for a few hours and off limitted frequent drinks for dehydration. Providing a bland diet ( boiled chicken with no fat and boiled white rice ) for a few days might be needed

More worrying is a pet that has had more than one vomit in a short period of time and seems quiet and lethargic.

As a guide, you should call us for advice if your pet:

Vomits more than once

Seems lethargic or quieter than normal

Has diarrhoea or isnt producing feces

Has been loosing weight recently

Has lost their appetite

Has eaten something they shouldn't have - rubbish, scraps, toys.

SO if your pet has stomach worries or you thinks that something is not quiet right, you should phone us. We are happy to help and examine your pet for piece of mind.

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