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Indoor Entertainment

So you've decided to keep your cat in doors.. what now? Excellent choice by the way, we're HUGE advocates for indoor only cats!

We know cats are natural hunters and although they love to laze around for most of the day they also LOVE to play!

With our top tips you will turn your home into your cats favourite playground, look out post and snooze zone.

1. Invest in a good quality scratching post and position it next to a window.

Cats love to perch up high to watch the garden or the street throughout the day. The post is also used for scratching which helps the cat remove or shed the outer layer of their claws, scent marking and to simply stretch and flex their bodies.

2.Keep meal times interesting!

This doesn't mean changing what they eat, in means changing WHERE they eat. Putting their food up high or in two or three different spots (providing there are no other greedy pets around to take it!) will help keep things interesting for them. It doesn't need to be there entire meal, even just a part of it, or a couple of treats through out the day hidden in different places. This will help keep your cats hunting instinct happy!

3. TOYS!

Cats ADORE toys! Perhaps a feather tied to a piece of string, or a soft toy sprayed with a little cat nip. Leave one or two toys out for a few days and then change them over. You don't need to have hundreds of toys, just ensure you rotate them so your cat doesn't get bored or you'll end up spending a fortune on toys!

4. Places to HIDE

Boxes, blankets, baskets, beds.... these are all wonderful places for your cat to hide and play. If you've bought something that came in a box, don't be in a hurry to throw it out! Leave it out for a while for your cat to play in. They love to jump in and out of them, hide underneath them or sleep in them!

5. Screens

Have you tried to interest your cat with games on your smartphone or tablet!? Some cats LOVE chasing mice and fish around on the screen! It's great fun to watch and can be wonderful stimuli for a not so active cat.

6. Friends

Are you at work all the time? Does your cat need a friend? This most certainly does NOT apply to all cats, some cats love to be solo.. however some really benefit from a friend. If you're considering adding another cat to your house, ensure you think about if you are doing it for you or for them. We're always happy to discuss with you if your cat is ready for a companion or not. Some rescue shelters, including us will always allow you to return an adopted cat if the relationship is not working out so well. Sometimes you simply can't tell unless you try.

7. Outdoor Enclosures

If you feel your feline friends simply MUST be outside, perhaps it is time to install an outdoor cat enclosure? Somewhere where your cat can relax in the sunshine, enjoy the smells of the outdoors and not come to or cause any trouble. Check out Catmax for some awesome ideas.

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