Dr. David Northeast

Our next staff profile is our boss, our friend, the owner and the head vet at the Oakleigh Central Vet. Here is a little more information about how David came to be a Vet.

David's story starts in East Bentleigh where he grew up with his family and a house hold that always included pets. As a young child he particularly remembers having a Cocker Spaniel named Pal. She has several large litters of puppies requiring David and his siblings to help bottle rear them, perhaps this is where the seed of passion for caring for animals was planted.

He was exposed to a menagerie of other animals via his cousins dairy farm in Koonwarra, South Gippsland. There were always chickens, ducks and the occasional orphaned lamb that managed to find their way back to East Bentleigh for hand rearing. David had decided to become a veterinarian at a very young age.