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Summer Caution

Poolside Safety: Prevent Pet Drowning Deaths

Thankfully the laws surrounding Australian pool safety have been tightened in the last few years, not only does this protect our children, it also protects (most) of our pets.

Many dogs love water, particularly on a hot day. Swimming and playing in the water is an awesome way for dogs to get some exercise and burn off some energy in summer... however jumping into the pool and being able to climb back out.. are two very different things. Be aware of the danger pools to unsupervised dogs. Every year, dogs drown in swimming pools. Not all dogs are good swimmers. And even if they were bad things could still happen.

Does your pet need suncream?

It really depends on the pet! A lovely dark black nose is less likely to get burnt than a pink or white nose and those pets with thick dark coats are also less likely to get burnt than those with thin, pale coats. If your dog or cat loves to sun bake, suncream is absolutely worth considering. Give us a call to have a chat about the needs specific to your pet.

Exercising in the sunshine:

Doesn't it sound delightful!?There are few things more relaxing for me than getting out in the beautiful summer sunshine with my dogs... however... there are a few rules that must be followed!

- If the daily temp is going to be 30 degrees or more ensure your dog is walked in the early morning or evening when temperatures are lower.

- Consider how hot the pavement is! Can you leave the back of your hand on it for more than 10 seconds with out it getting too hot? If not, don't take your dog out! Remember our canine pals are walking barefoot.

- Taking your dog to the beach is a great way to cool down, for them and for you.., however they are not always as sun smart as we are! Ensure you have brought plenty of fresh, clean water for him to drink, that there is shade for him to relax in and that you don't stay too long.

If you suspect your dog has heat exhaustion, please contact us immediately. You can put a fan on your dog or sit their paws in some water, DO NOT wet your entire dog as this can cause your dog to go into shock.

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