Say no to choke chains

Taking your dog for a walk is meant to be something pleasurable for both you and your dog. We understand that if your dog pulls on the lead the entire time it can really make this an unpleasant experience. However, is a choke chain really the answer??

Time and time again we are hearing that people have ‘tried everything’ to stop their dog from pulling and that their dog trainer has advised that they use a choke chain for ‘correction’, or even simply that they thought it was ‘just what you do’ to stop a dog pulling.

If you are using a choke chain, have you noticed any improvement? Have you noticed that your dog is being ‘corrected’ when they are not actually doing anything wrong? Maybe they have just stopped to urinate, smell something or perhaps they are over heated or tired?

Research shows that a staggering percentage of dogs walked using choke chains, or a sharp jerking motion for correcting, will end up with a frightening range of injuries.

- Sprained necks

- Fainting

- Transient foreleg paralysis

- Hind leg ataxia (loss of balance)

- Neck injuries

- Tracheal and oesophageal damage

- Spinal injuri