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Kitten Gallery November 2020

Raising kittens and getting them ready for adoption is a wonderful job, however as cute as it is, it is a lot of work.

When they arrive on our doorstep they are hungry, scared and definitely not litter box trained.

Not only do we clean their cages twice daily, wash all of their bedding, monitor them to see who is eating, who has diarrhoea (this happens as they adjust to new food) and who is still scared, they need to be treated for fleas and worms, vaccinated, microchipped and finally spayed/ neutered, they need to be trained on how to be good members of a family.

To do this we spend a lot of time handling them, bottle feeding and toileting them if they're tiny, introducing them to things which may stress them, such as car rides, dogs, other cats, loud noises and children and just generally loving them to ensure they know they're on their way to the good life.

This way, when these babies finally go to new homes, they will be well balanced, well adjusted, confident members of their new families.

When considering adding a kitten to your family, please remember all of the costs associated with a pet.

We charge $200 per kitten for these babies, to help cover a small portion of the outlay we spend on them.

To be able to afford a kitten, you must be consider the following costs:

- adoption fee

- vaccinations (depending on how old the kitten is there may be more required shortly or 12 months later)

- monthly flea treatment

- monthly worm treatment

- food

- kitty litter

- toys

- collar

- registration

- illness/injury

If you would like to make one of our babies, your baby.... please get in touch to find out how!


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