Is my pet too old for surgery?

Older pets commonly have anaesthetics and we will advise the options for your pet.

If you have an older animal who might require a surgical or dental procedure, you may be concerned about them undergoing a general anaesthetic. However, our veterinarians will be able to provide the best advice specific to your pets needs, and explain how we can manage any potential risks associated with old age.

It is important to remember that if your elderly pet needs an anaesthetic, it will be to address a far more serious problem, that may be painful, or affect their quality of life if not attended to. It will be natural to worry, as we would with any pet, but the benifit will always far outweigh the risks.

As part of our discussion with you, we will examine your pet and may touch on some of the following areas:

  • Cardiovascular health During the physical examination of your pet, we’ll assess your pet’s cardiovascular health, and can discuss any pre-existing health issues or current medications with you.

  • Blood tests In order to check for any underlying health issues such as kidney or liver problems, which can be more likely in the elderly, a pre-anaesthetic blood test will often be recommended. This allows us to be aware of any health conditions and to implement the best treatment to minimise any associated risks.

  • Medications We carefully select pre-anaesthetic drug combinations to minimise the risk for older pets. We use a combination of sedatives, pain relief and anti-anxiety medications which together allow for