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Hip Hop Happy Easter!

Well here we are folks, Easter time again!

This long weekend may be a special event in your calendar or it may simply be a much needed long weekend, either way we hope you get to spend it with friends, family and of course, your pets.

During this Easter season there are more things than usual around that pose a threat to our pets!

  1. Chocolate... what is Easter without chocolate? It seems to be EVERYWHERE. As most of us are well aware, chocolate is toxic to our dogs. Please ensure you keep all chocolate out of reach of your pets, including wrappers and wrapped chocolate. Our canine pals have fantastic noses and will easily sniff out a sweet treat. Be mindful of your children during Easter, many like to stash their Easter goodies in their bedrooms or may not be quite so diligent with putting wrappers in the bin. Highlight to them that these things can cause their pet pooch to become extremely ill and I'm sure they'll do their best to lift their game.

  2. Hot Cross Buns...well goodness me, they've been in the shops for weeks already! They're warm, soft and delicious and full of sultanas and even chocolate. Sultanas aka grapes are also a very well known to cause toxicity in our canine pals. Please keep these sweet smelling, potentially deadly treats well out of reach of your pets. Once again, be mindful of children eating hot cross buns as our cheeky canine friends are a little more likely to simply take it out of their hands when your back is turned.

  3. Easter Lilies(and all lilies!)...This fragrant seasonal plant is extremely poisonous for cats. Eating small amounts of any part of this plant can cause dangerous symptoms and lead to death from kidney failure. ... cats seem to be the only species that suffers kidney failure after eating Easter Lily

  4. Easter toys....Those tiny baby chick toys, plastic eggs and bunnies may be good basket stuffers for your kids, but to your pets they look like a good snack. Small toys are not only a choking hazard but can also cause intestinal upsets and should be kept away from cats and dogs. Be sure baskets are kept off the ground, or pets are kept in another room while baskets are being unwrapped.


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