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COVID-19 update

Hello to our wonderful clients!

Just a quick reminder that we are still in the thick of it with COVID-19 and need to ensure we're taking the appropriate precautions.

Although for the most part everyone has been doing a wonderful job of following along with the guidelines, we feel some things may need to be refreshed.

- if you have an appointment, please call us from the carpark on your arrival

- once your pet has been taken in to the clinic for their consult, please return to your car and keep your phone ON and ready to answer the call from the vet. The number may come up as 'private', we've also been told that it comes up as 'Philbee Pottery' (?!) . Please answer so we can continue on with your consult and avoid running behind.

- if you need to order food or medication, please call ahead so we can have it ready for you pre paid to make collection quicker and easier.

- if you are not wearing a mask, you may not enter the airlock of our building

- if you are wearing a mask, please refrain from removing it to speak to us. It is hard to hear through the airlock, so a phone call may be easier.

- please sanitise your hands before hooking your dog to our dog lead

- please do not try and enter through the second airlock door and into our clinic

THANK YOU so much for your continued support. We've been blown away by everyones consideration and cooperation.

Although you don't get to come through our doors, your pets are still given the five star service we are so proud of.

You can check out our Instagram and Facebook Pages for photos of our adorable patients throughout the days!

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