A tale of two and a half tails

I share my life with a movie star. Well sort of.

Her name is Lady. Just over three years ago, several months after the traumatic death of my most beloved Greyhound Karma; I decided it was time to bring another four legged soul into my home.

I could never replace Karma. Yet I may be able to offer a home of safety, care and lots of fun to a fur darling.

I followed a Facebook page called Aussie Desert Dogs, I loved their stories, the tenacity of the carers and the animals. One day I saw a little Kelpie in a wheelchair on this Facebook page.

Lady was about 6months old when a car ran over her, in Yuendumu Northern Territory. She had broken her little back and pelvis. Plus other nasty injuries that required much time to heal. Gloria from Aussie Desert Dogs, took in this little girl, there was no doctor or vet available. Gloria cleaned her, cared for her, gave her pain killers and antibiotics and over time Lady healed. She had no wheelchair for quite some time until one was finally purchased. She was greatly loved by everyone, I was to learn why. Lady was about 2.5 years old when I saw her on Facebook.