Is your pet ready for Winter?

Hail, wind and lots of rain.. winter has arrived with a freezing cold bang!

There are a few things to ensure you've taken care of to ensure your pet is comfortable through out the colder months.

Grooming - this generally isn't something on the top of people's lists as we assume our pets need all of their coat to keep them warm. Whilst this is true to a point, it is also necessary to ensure our pets are kept comfortable. A long coat takes longer to try after a walk through puddles, wet grass and after being caught in the rain. A long coat that is constantly in the wet,dry, wet, dry routine of being outside for walks and toileting and then inside in the warmth will quickly become matted if not tended too regularly. We recommend a trim at the start of winter followed by regular, thorough brushing to ensure knots don't turn into matting which in turn can create hot spots which will require medical attention.

Arthritis plan - is your pet senior? Are they on a management plan for arthritis or is it something you've been thinking about? Get on top of this before the depths of winter to ensure your pet stays as comfortable as possible. We have a few 'Warm-a-pet' electric blankets in stock which are fantastic for keeping seniors (or particularly sensitive) pets comfortable. They are suitable for use in sheltered outdoor areas and of course indoors. Mumma Puss gives them two paws up!

Parasite Prevention - it is a common misconception that parasite prevention is not as important throughout winter, however studies have shown that continual, year round protection is the best way of preventing an infestation of worms or fleas on your pet and in your home.