Whilst overindulging during the Easter period may result in a few extra kilograms for humans, the consequences for our animal companions are much greater and much more serious. The accidental ingestion of chocolate or baked goods containing chocolate can lead to serious illness or even death for our beloved furry friends.

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! YOU MUST BRING YOUR PET IN WITHIN HALF AN HOUR OF INGESTION. If you are unsure what time they ate it, it is best to assume it was recently so we can start potentially life saving measures and assess for toxicity. Why is chocolate so dangerous for animals? Chocolate toxicosis is a potential problem for all of our animal friends, however is it most common in dogs. This is because chocolate always contains a key ingredient called theobromine which is lethal to dogs. As well as theobromine, chocolate contains caffeine. Caffeine is dangerous to all pets as it can cause both over stimulation of the nervous system and increase our pet’s heart rate and tremors.

How much chocolate is toxic?