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Happy New Year

Happy New Year and welcome back everyone! We hope you have had a wonderful break and were able to spend some time rejuvenating with friends, family and animals.

Summer is now truly upon us so we need to start thinking about how his impacts our pets and the wildlife around us.

- Does your long haired dog or cat need grooming?

- Have you treated your pets for fleas and ticks?

- Is there somewhere shady and cool where your pets can escape if they're outside during the heat of the day?

- Have you checked your pets water bowls? Please make sure they are full of fresh clean water, every day.

- Have you provided more than one source of water? If one is emptied or knocked over, it is important to make sure your pet isn't going without.

- Have you considered the wildlife in your area? We've recently put a birdbath in our car park, under a shady tree where we see bird activity. Are you able to do something similar in your home?

If you'd like to discuss your pet and their requirements for the summer months, please give us a call!

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