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Does your pet have breath that wilts flowers?

Does the time when your pet had the sweet breath of a new born seem a distant memory?

Is the smell frankly awful?

Bad breath in our pets is actually no laughing matter. It can be a sign of inflamed gums. Then there’s the distress and pain.

For our beloved pets, the suffering and pain can be just as real as when we humans have a raw nerve or inflamed gums. But they CAN’T TELL US of their distress.

And it’s not just the silent suffering that you need to worry about...

Disturbingly, UNTREATED dental problems can develop into serious and even life threatening diseases in our pets that require expensive long term medication.

In fact, unhealthy teeth and gums can result in infections that spread to the blood stream and vital organs. Resulting in serious problems with the liver, kidneys, diabetes, even heart attacks and strokes.


If you are worried about your pet's teeth, why not book a free dental health check with one of our qualified veterinary nurses. They can check the health of the mouth and identify any problems, suggest preventative care or discuss treatments. ( Conditions Apply )

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