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Cats Get Arthritis Too

Cats are small and agile but they are very good at hiding or covering up mobility difficulties caused by arthritis. Because we don't take our cat for a walk or a run in the park, it is very difficult for us to see a limp or a change in gait until the limp gets bad.

Some signs to watch for are:

  • Is your cat reluctant to jump up or down from the couch or your lap

  • May be reluctant to climb the fence or trees

  • May not land as gracefully when jumping down

  • May become less tolerant around people and be reluctant to be picked up or moved

  • May hiss, scratch or bite when touched

  • Their nails may not wear down and gets overgrown nails

  • May be reluctant to groom themselves because They are stiff

There are many different treatments available for cats. Diets, supplements and injections are available just as we do in dogs. With the cold weather, you may notice your cat showing more signs of arthritis or just sleeping more.

If you are concerned, give us a call or make an appointment to bring them in for a check up.

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