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Does your pet's breath wilt the plants?

Bad breathe in our pets is no laughing matter. It can be the sign of inflamed gums. Then there is the distress and pain.

Did you know that more than 90 % of pets have some degree of dental disease that warrants investigation and some form of treatment? It is probably the most common, treatable disease we see in our practice

And it's not just the silent suffering that you need to worry about ...

Untreated dental problems can develop into seriouis and even life threatening diseases in our pets that require expensive long term medication, Numerous studies have shown that poor dental health leads to heart and kidney disease and kidney disease is one of the common causes of premature death in our pets.

If your pet allows, lift up their lip and look at their teeth. Are they glistening white or stained with the build up brown/yellow tartar and the telltale red line of inflamed and infected gums.

We check your pets teeth every time they come in for a check up but if your concerned ring and make an appointment. A timely check up and dental plan can mean a healthy mouth and avoiding more serious long term problems.

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