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Shoo Fly

Over summer, flies can cause as much grief for our pets as they do for us.

Dogs are particularly prone to irritation around the ears and nose from the bites of these annoying insects.

Flies carry bacteria and bites can lead to a nasty infection causing damage to the skin. Flies love to lay eggs in warm, damp fur and especially in an open wound. It sounds scary but if the wound goes undetected, the eggs can hatch into maggots in less than 24 hours.

So how can you prevent flies from bothering your pet?

Start by keeping your pet's area clean. Pick up any faeces as soon as possible and don't leave any food out during the day, including bones. Clean your pet's bedding at least weekly to reduce any smells.

If you notice any flecks of dried blood around the ears or nose you need to remove this with damp cotton wool. The blood will simply continue to attract flies. Check your pet's coat daily, concentrating on hidden areas and around the bottom.

Call us if you are concerned.

There are products available that are safe for your pet and will repel flies and mosquitoes so your pet can enjoy a stress free summer. Give us a call

for more information.

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