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Mushroom Toxicity

Warm, wet weather is ideal for mushroom development. When environmental conditions are right, mushrooms can pop up overnight. It is not only in the outdoors we need to worry about mushrooms, the kitchen is a prime place for mushrooms too! Dogs are natural explorers and scavengers so they are at highest risk of mushroom toxicity.


When ingested, mushrooms can cause illness within 2-24 hours.

Common signs of mushroom toxicity:

- vomiting

- diarrhoea

- abdominal pain

- jaundice

- liver failure

- death

If you suspect your pet has been exposed to mushrooms contact your veterinarian immediately. Your vet may also ask for the mushroom to be brought in for analysis.


Although only 1% of mushrooms are fatal, it is difficult to identify these from the non-harmful ones. So, all mushrooms should be deemed poisonous until proven otherwise.


It is best to assume that all wild mushrooms are toxic to pets.

To help prevent mushroom ingestion:

-remove any mushrooms from the yard immediately

- keep your pet on a leash when walking

- train your pet to 'come' and 'stay' so you can direct your pet away from any mushrooms.

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