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Fireworks = Fun and Fear

Silly season brings about all sorts of fun and fears for our pets. There are more people around with more time to spend with them, different sights, sounds and smells in their homes and on their walks with the addition of decorations, relatives and new foods to daily life. These things are wonderful for most of us, however they can also create some anxiety for both humans and animals alike.

If you are going to fill your house with the festive season, please ensure you follow this list to keep your pets safe and happy!

> Christmas decorations make your home look and feel great, however remember they are not always safe for our pets. If you have a dog that likes to chew on things or a cat that likes to climb.. please ensure decorations are kept either firmly secured or out of reach! Cat's can easily knock over Christmas trees during their crazy runs around the house and dogs are often tempted to chew on any decorations that hang within reach.

> Festive season food is notoriously rich and delicious... delicious for us but often dangerous for our pets. Please ensure you keep human food for humans and pet food for pets this year, I don't think a year goes by with out us seeing a case of pancreatitis caused by somebody sharing the Christmas ham with their pet. If you're unsure about feeding your pet any type of human food, please call us to check if its okay or ask google!

> Fireworks can be an amazing display and provide a wonderful fun night for the whole family. If there are going to be fireworks in your area, please be mindful of your pets! They are not aware that they are coming, nor that they are harmless! Every year THOUSANDS of pets go missing, end up in shelters or are hit by cars as they flee their homes, terrified by all of the noise. Make plans to keep your pets out of the area if you now fireworks are coming or simply ensure you are at home with your pet to make sure they are not terrified. If you are going out and know your pet will be home alone during the noise, put them in a room in the house where they can not hurt themselves, break anything or escape! Please feel free to give us a call if you would like more advice on how to help your pet survive the fireworks!

> If you are going to fill your home with friends and family for dinners, bbq's or their holiday time, ensure your pets have somewhere quiet to retreat. Although they may love having house guests and enjoy the party atmosphere, they also need somewhere quiet and safe to escape the festive cheer and relax. Make an area that is out of bounds to small children and house guests, fill it with your pets bed, a few toys, their food and their water to make the space comfortable and safe for them. My dogs will often use my bedroom or the laundry if they need to get away. They are quiet and comfortable places where they can relax and rest.

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