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A cat named Evie

This is the story of a lucky little black and white cat named Evie.

One lovely evening Evie decided to take herself out for a walk through Frankston… unbeknown to her or her human this was not the adventure she had anticipated.

As night time fell, her human began to worry as Evie was not home for dinner. Unfortunately, hours turned into days and Evie remained missing.

Finally, a few days later Evie returned home dragging with her a broken leg. She had been the latest victim of a cat trap. These horrible traps are set up all over Frankston and the local vets see the injuries all too regularly.

The distraught owners raced her to the vet where they were given the option of amputation as the break was so severe. The owners were hesitant as Evie was only a year old at the time and had just been adopted into their home. They wanted to try and save the leg, if at all possible.

Evie’s humans contacted Robyn’s Nest Animal Adoption as this is where she had been recently adopted from, Robyn recommended they seek a second opinion from us at the Oakleigh Central Vet as we do quite a lot of work for them.

Upon examination the initial findings were the same; a compound fracture with necrotic bone and it looked as though the leg would need to be amputated. We realised how distressing this was for the owners and revisited the x-rays to devise a plan. David came up with a plan to pin the leg, fixing the break. It was something that we could not guarantee would work, but all parties involved decided it was worth a try.

We took Evie into surgery and David worked his magic, he pinned the leg in two places to stabalise the break and allow for healing to take place. All that was left to do was hope Evie’s body was able to mend the bone and restore function to the leg.

Three weeks later Evie returned to the clinic to have the splint and sutures removed and the leg cleaned, she was sent home again to let the leg continue healing.

Success!! Over the next eight weeks the ulna started to knit back together and after some initial concern about the radius, it too started to show promising signs.

It was a long road from both Evie and her human, but one I'm sure they are thrilled they traveled.

Evie has now made a full recovery and is back to her usual happy, cuddly, mischievous self.

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